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Club Information
Club Name Mission Hills Golf Club
Club Address Mission Hills Road, Guanian Town, Shenzhen, China
Club Tel +86755 2802-0888 / +852 2122-1616
Club Fax +86755 2801-1111 / +852 2869-9632
Club Website
Club Facilities Resort, Badminton Court, Bar & Lounge, Basketball, Beauty Salon, Car Park, Children Play Area, Coffee Shop, Function room, Golf Driving Range / Simulator, Gym/Fitness Center/Aerobics, Lawn Bowl, Massage/Sauna/SPA, Mini Theatre, Restaurant, Shop, Snooker, Sports Hall, Squash Court, Swimming Pool (Outdoor), Table Tennis
Golf Course Conditions 216 holes


Membership Information
Second-Hand Market Price RMB140,000 (Shenzhen Gold Card Individual)

RMB145,000 (Shenzhen Gold Card Corporate 1)

RMB180,000 (Dongguan Gold Card Individual)

RMB170,000 (Dongguan Gold Card Corporate 1)

RMB390,000 (Diamond Card Individual)

RMB370,000 (Diamond Card Corporate 1)

RMB690,000 (Chartered Diamond Card Individual)

RMB680,000 (Chartered Diamond Card Corporate 1)

RMB210,000 (Ruby Individual)


RMB110,000 (Advantage Card Individual)

RMB110,000 (Advantage Card Corporate 1)

RMB340,000 (Emerald Card Individual)



Transfer Fee RMB103,000 (Shenzhen Gold Card Individual)

RMB108,000 (Shenzhen Gold Card Corporate 1)

RMB103,000 (Dongguan Gold Card Individual)

RMB108,000 (Dongguan Gold Card Corporate 1)

RMB148,000 (Diamond Card Individual)

RMB158,000 (Diamond Card Corporate 1)

RMB148,000 (Chartered Diamond Card Individual)

RMB158,000 (Chartered Diamond Card Corporate 1)

RMB50,000 (Ruby Diamond Card Individual)

RMB53,000 (Ruby Diamond Card Corporate 1)

RMB29,000 (Advantage Card Individual)

RMB31,000 (Advantage Card Corporate 1)

RMB51,300 (Emerald Card Individual)

RMB54,378 (Emerald Card Corporate 1)


Monthly Fee RMB1,900 (Shenzhen Gold Card, Dongguan Gold Card and Diamond Card)

RMB850 (Ruby Diamond and Emerald Card)

RMB750 (Advantage Card)

RMB1,350 (Jade Card)

RMB880 (Advantage plus)

Re-nomination Fee RMB18,000 (Shenzhen Gold Card, Dongguan Gold Card, Diamond Card and Chartered Diamond Card)

RMB10,000 (Ruby Diamond Card and Emerald Card)

RMB8,000 (Advantage Card)


Contact us

Address: Room D, 12/F Unionway Commercial Centre, 283 Queen’s Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Tel: 3596 6840